Nikon NTF is a 1986 Stallion that Rivervalley Ranch is proud to have. He is from
Rivendale Farm Haflingers of Maine, where he spent 22 years servicing my parent's
herd. He was bred by John and Judy Miller of New Trend Farm in New York. They
imported his sire and dam in hopes to get this stallion, and as they regretted later,
they put a price on this colt as a yearling. It just so happened that my parents were
in New York visiting the Ghesta Joy Farm of Walt and Betty Moshers and Walt
informed my parents of Nikon NTF being for sale. I was just a kid at the time. After
visiting the Millers, my parents bought Nikon NTF that day. He was to be shipped to
ME via Walt Mosher when he was coming to Fryeburg Fair that fall. Before Walt
left, Mr. Miller called my father and offered to buy Nikon back. However, my dad
wouldn't budge. That first fall, Nikon won his first blue ribbon at Fryeburg and since
has NEVER been beat in the show ring! Everyone that laid eyes on him were
stunned at this stallion's are beauty, correctness, and movement! Still, at age 25
shown here, he is a gorgeous stallion and makes peoples heads turn!
He will NOT stand to any outside mares. He will be bred to a few of our mares so
long as he is fit and in good health.
Nikon is trained to drive and ride,
though at this time he will only be used as a stallion.

Nikon's Memory is the only offspring from Nikon to remain a stallion. He was foaled
in 2010 out of the beautiful mare Alcinda SFF and has been sold to Florida, where
he will stand to stud next year. For more information feel free to call.

Nikons progency have won numerous titles in the show ring for years and we are
hoping to
keep old man around to live his life quietly and proudly!
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