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E2 2010 Filly
(Errin GJF x Merlando's Magic) (Below) $2200
A full sister to Legacy and Emmy, this filly should mature 14.2+, she has a full strip.

Elita's Cowgirl 2010 Filly (Elita GJF x Merlando's Magic) (Below)
SOLD. Thank you and
good luck to Cowgirl and Jo in the jousting arena!

2012 Foals:
Filly, A Suprise
(Alcinda x Merl): $

(Pictured Right & Left)

(Radiance x Merl): $2

Colt (Immershienen x Merl)
Full brother to Majic Moose
: $2

2008 Foals:
Emmy (Errin GJF x Merlando): Filly $3500
Emmy will mature between 14.2-14.3, she has a star.
She is a full sister to Magic Legacy pictured above and is in foal for 2013.

2007 Gelding & Mare:
Moonshine (Errin GJF x Merlando) Gelding: SOLD
Moonshine is deep red with a snow white double mane and long flowing tail. He
stands 14.1 and should finish maturing around 14.2. He has a star on his forehead. He
mates perfectly with his half sister Fancy and they will be started this spring! Very
classy gelding who is a full brother to Magic Legacy.

Majic Moose (Immershienen x Merlando's Magic) 2010 Stallion Prospect or Superior
Gelding $5500. A super stallion prospect or show gelding, he is tall, built, unique and
handsome! Should mature 14.3-15H. Pictured Below.

I Love Lucy:
(Immershienen x Ah May Sing) (Below) $3500
This mare is red in color, stands 14.1-14.2, and again is a top quality mare. Started driving single
very well.

Oh La La: 2006 Mare (O'Princess Ariel x Alto) (Below) $3800
Driving single very well, traffic safe, This is a super athletic mare with huge forward movement! She
would make a superior dressage mare. She stands 59", very clean legged and great length of neck.

O'Princess Ariel: $3800 (Below)
Broke to Drive Single & Double, Princess has become one of our top show mares
under harness and also a superior broodmare. She stands 58"s, is very correct and
has huge movement. She is traffic safe. Great for the Intermediate to Advanced
Driver. Not a Beginner Horse...no vices...but likes to get out and go. She'll trot all day

Oststurm: $2000 (Below)
Although she is pictured above as a two year old, this mare has grown into an
extra-ordinary mare. She has size, substance, a super head and neck, great
movement, the list goes on! She is almost a full sister to Princess (above) and again
has proven herself as a broodmare with her 2008 filly, Queenie. This mare gets better
and better as she matures. She is very kind, willing and trusting. She has an enormous
trot and could go on to many disciplines. She stands 58".

Immershienen, 14yo broodmare, stands 14.2, complete Tyrolean lineage, excellent
broodmare. See more pictures on the mare page.

As many of you know, here at Rivervalley we pride ourselves on our horses, our
honesty and loyalty to the horses we raise, to the breed, and to our clients! We offer
superior quality for reasonable prices. From the trail horse to the show pen, dressage
to jumpers, western pleasure to reining, pleasure driving, to draft show driving, CDE
prospects to your best friend and more. Our horses are guaranteed in good health,
soundness, and their training level. That's how strongly we feel our horses are in
quality and how loyal we are! We strive for perfection, not only in the horses we raise,
but the homes they are placed in! You can find our horses throughout the United
States, from coast to coast and into Canada, but rarely will you find one of Rivervalley
Ranchs' horses for sale outside of our ranch! Our clients and our horses are
successful and happy, just ask them!
We have many references available upon request. Should you be interested in any of
our horses for sale feel free to contact me by phone or email!

If you are ready to purchase your Rivervalley Ranch horse, please be advised that
without a deposit, no horse is considered sold. When purchasing a horse at
Rivervalley Ranch, there is a non-refundable deposit (generally $500) included in the
purchase price. All horses must be paid for in full prior to them leaving Rivervalley
Ranch. Payment plans are available. For Sale and / or Breeding Contracts are available
upon request!

We offer lessons, training, boarding, and breeding and are proud to offer any
assistance to you and your horse, day or night!
Rivervalley Ranch
Riveralley Ranch is offering some top mares, stallion prospects, geldings,
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We would first like to thank you for visiting our web site! Secondly, we would like to
share with you some information regarding the Haflinger.
Many people think that when they see a Haflinger foal and it is light in color, that it will
remain light. However, it is proven again and again, that although the Haflinger foal is
generally born very light, with each season to come and year after year until three to
four years of age however, the Haflinger will darken. Most of our horses range from
gold to copper to red when matured. Rich color is a trait we strive to maintain, along
with white manes and tails!
Also, Haflingers are born with what we breeders call "golden slippers" and they are
thought to be white feet. However, with age, unless there is truely white pigment of
skin around the coronary band, these golden slippers soon turn stripped and onto
Many foals are again born with almost gray looking eyes, however in a few weeks or
less they will turn brown!
Magic Legacy (Errin GJF x Merlando): 2008 Gelding Sold. Thank you and good luck to
Brian and Linda, the proud new owners of this top notch gelding!