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Rivervalley Ranch
1000 CR 150
( Muddy Lane)
Westciffe, CO 81252

# 719-371-5054
Hello and welcome to our ranch
where our famous Austrian and
American bred haflinger horses are
currently galloping through fields in
the Sangre De Cristo mountain valley
8,200 feet above sea level! We are
proud to continue years of service to
these golden horses and to our
customers. Three generations later
our family is still delicately breeding,
raising, training and selling purebred
haflinger horses that are the highest
quality according to breed standards
and our customers! Let it be no
surprise that we also raise a few top
quality cutting horses that allows for
times when a good heart pounding is
needed by horse, cow, and rider! All
our horses are used for work and play
around the ranch, in the show pen,
and for pleasure! For more
information please look through our
web and feel free to call, email, write
or just drop in for a visit anytime!